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I was happy to shoot the Sink or Swing bout even though heather wasn't playing tonight. She worked the merch table.
i think i did ok for not having a flash, and for it being my first time really shooting in the dome.
definately a tough venue. but i worked the heck out of my new 85.. haha the lighting colors were all over the place so most of these went to b&w :)

the "non-bouting" folder has photos that aren't actual bouting action. like the crowd and stuff..

S.O.S. was held at the Dome arena in Henrietta back on 9/11/10

the battle was between the two Roc Derby home teams.
The 5h85's beat the RottenChester's in the last Jam of the night, it was nailbitting!

and as always, right click on the images to save the ones you want for facebook and whatnot..

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