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made an early morning trip up to the high peaks on saturday- figured it would be a decent time to see some good foliage. the weekends weather forcast wasn't too good though. regardless, we made the voyage.

everyone we passed that was coming back down said the summit was socked in. Turns out that our late trailhead start worked in our favor because when we summited phelps, it was relatively clear!

it was a great wet hike, about 8.8 miles and 2000' gain and we got back to the truck just before it was pitch dark.

I made the mistake of leaving the canon in the car overnight after the hike. so the next day when we made some stops on the way back to the roc, i had some dewpoint issues on the glass. but once i took care of that I was able to make some decent photos at the cascade lakes, even though I really should have brought the tripod with me. next time..