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07-10-10 Double Header

Starring in the Global Harming bout at the Genesee Valley Sports Complex in Rochester, NY:

RCRD - Roc City Roller Derby
CNYRD - Central NY Roller Derby
ILWR - Ithaca League of Womens Rollers

here's a few of my shots from the global harming bout. I still have a bunch to get up, so check back in a couple days :)

There's alot of photos (and more to come), so i grouped them by bout. the misc. folder will have non-bout photos in it eventually.
sorry to all that this has taken me so long to get posted!
Can't wait to shoot another bout! great playing ladies :)

as with the last bouts that I shot,
to save an image for fbook or something-
right click on the photo (not the thumbnail)

and go to "save image"

my global harming favs

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first bout

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second bout

110 photos
second bout


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