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trip PLAN

trip PLAN

Mike arrives at the camp about 9pm, checks in and is the first to realize that there is no cell phone coverage in the vicinity.
Mitch and Colin arrive about 10 and meet Mike at the camp office.
Brian gets in about midnight and meets Mitch & Colin in the office parking lot.

Pat arrives to the cabin at about 9:30 am.
We then leave in two cars and drop pats off at the end of the loop, the southern parking lot.
Driving my truck, Colin drops the four of us off at the northern trail-head almost 11am. Mitch tried to talk everyone into stopping into town to get some subs for the hike and start from the woodland valley campground instead, since we were getting a later start. But Mitch was outnumbered, and was also excited to hit the trail sooner rather than later :)

The trail guide text that we had implied that the hike as we had planned was about 9 miles. It turns out that if you add up the numbers on the map, the loop from where we got dropped off, to where we parked the car was actually 13 miles. Having known this earlier might have made a difference in our plan of attack.