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what a great cause!

newest update: these are going to get auctioned at the bouting for boobies tournament! Proceeds are going to the breast cancer coalition of rochester..

more information on this project is up on the website here.
some of these photos are labelled with their models & artists here.
also the Breast Impressions website has more information on what they are about.

There is also a blog post on the D&C by Marie Via at the MAG here.

update #2: apparently there was another one that wasn't done, ziggy brought it over tonight so i could shoot it, and its now posted! (at the bottom)

update: posted the rest! :)
here's about half of the images I got sunday.. I hope I did the artwork some justice.

the rest to come in the next few evenings!

Congrats to the models and artists who's work was chosen for the Memorial Art Gallery! :)