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update: yes, if you noticed there was a gap, you are correct! i gotta locate the CF card that has those day's photos on it.. i'll get them up soon though :)

well August is looking to be a busy busy month!

The camera gear is going to get a work out each weekend, making it tough to process and shoot during the week. Especially since my real job is busy too!

but i can't complain, and i promise i'll still get a shot per day! :)
they just might get posted in batches LOL

Thanks for checkin' out what I'm up to!
31 vest29 60th28 bay27 morning light26 kiss me25 warner school24 moon232221 intros20 baby cakes19 rehearsal dinner18 lens pron17 bling16 tomatoes1514 wedding13 drool12 train11 last cast